Today was a busy day. We went to the Forbidden City and Tian'an men Square. I don't think I have ever seen so many people. At times it was overwhelming. The crowds just push you right over-no personal space.The history was really interesting and our guide is very knowledgable. She is AWESOME by the way! XIn had a much better day today. He loves to be carried, as I mentioned, and so Will and Poppy carried him all over. We then ate some amazing authentic Chinese food. We got back and the kids wanted to go to a park to play, run and kick some balls around so we all loaded into 3 taxis-us and the other family with 4 kids-and headed for a simple few hours in the park. Ok, not so simple. We drove in the Saturday traffic, walked a mile to get in the park, had to pay to use a "field" and then catch a taxi back. It took us 1 hour to g 3 miles!!!!! We got back at 7:30. Nothing is simple in a city of 13 million people. The kids had a blast though and got out their energy. Xin really enjoyed playing and running around. To think he has never had a Dad to throw the ball with is so sad. Our guide asked him if he was happy today and if he had fun. He said YES!

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