6 down and 14 more to go. Oh boy-20 days is a LONG time! We visited a silk factory today and it was really cool. They showed us how the egg, worm, cocoon cycle happened. The kids were fascinated with the worm poop story. They actually make tea with worm poop and poop pillows-we will bring you all one back! Next we went to the only Tibetan temple in China. How interesting to hear and see what they believe. So very different and to watch the praying to the giant, World Record size, Buddha is really odd..... and sad. Beautiful and interesting architecture though. We had pizza tonight with the other family with kids and it was fun. Tomorrow we go back to have the tb test read-pray for a negative result or we have to have an x-ray in Guangzhou. Yuk! It was warmer today which was nice but the sun just can't break through that smog!

I forgot the sweetest thing yesterday, we were at the Forbidden City and Xin started yelling and pointing and pulled Poppy over to a group of people. Turns out, the little boy and girl were from Xin's orphanage and he knew them. The little boy will live right outside of Columbia SC so we are going to meet up at the zoo. Only God!!!!! And if you could have seen the amount of people there you would have REALLY known only God could orchestrate such a meeting!

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