TB Negative! Praise God! After that we headed to The Summer Palace which was built by the Dragon Lady as a ....you guessed it, summer place! Beautiful and it was a fairly clear day because it rained early this a.m. We rode a dragon boat which Xin told the guide he thought was coming to eat his nose- The kid is funny! She keeps telling us he is very funny. He has a great personality and is just so comfortable with us all. He had to be carried again. Poor guy has never had that. He kisses us all and motions for us to bend down so he can kiss us. He also loves to curl up in a lap!We went to a beautiful park after the tour and passed by the Bird'sNest from the Olympics on the way. When we got to the park we "rented" a blow up "jumpy thing" that the kids LOVED! Xin didn't want to leave. Everyone was quite dirty when we got back so we had early baths, McDonalds-again- and then did crafts and games. I showed Xin how to use scissors 1 time and it took him about 5 minutes before he was cutting away. He loved it and loves to learn new things. Nana showed him how to fold paper and make a fan and he got it right on the 1st try. He really was well taken care of. We will be forever grateful for that. The phone in the room rang tonite and the little guy jumped out of his skin and clung to my neck-he had never heard a phone ring! Sam had a lemonade in a bottle and Xin and Jaida had sippy cups but he really loved Sam's bottle. I bought him a bottled orange drink of his own and he smiled for an hour. The bottle is sitting on the night stand next to his bed. He carried it all day!He is doing so well when you think about how much his little world has changed in 5 days.Thank you Lord for that amazing transition. Please keep praying for Jessica Russo. My aunt was so touched by all the prayers you all have left. Thank you sweet friends! The Great Wall tomorrow-yeah! Have a good day all!!!!

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