A much better day we had. I think that is the way it will be for awhile-good and BAD! It is like a bomb that you never know when is going to explode. Scary!! It has been 1 week now that he has been with us. That isn't very long and he is really doing remarkably. It is just when the BAD hits, it hits hard and it makes everyone uncomfortable, especially the kids. They don't understand and it is hard to explain.God was gracious today and He provided and we made it 1 more day closer to home. My cousins daughter had a slight improvement today too-praise God again!

We went to a pretty park that wasn't crowded like everything else we have done and the kids loved it. There was room to run a bit. COLD today. We then did the Hutong tour in a rickshaw-spelling -here may be off-too tired to check. Very cool and what a different world. Thanks for the prayers. They sustain us more than you will ever know. We miss you all so much. Tomorrow is the 1/2 way point-oh dear-that sounds scary but it is counting down. Again, 20 days is a LONG time!!!! Until tomorrow......

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