Repeat Day 8! Oh Lord give us strength. I knew this would be harder than with Jaida. Or I thought I knew....... I also knew that God would want to teach/show me /us something through this adoption. I know 2 things so far. 1.-Patience-I have always needed to work on this and boy am I getting some good practice. 2- Jesus loves us when we misbehave, act up, throw tantrantrums-basically when we act unloveable. He loves us anyway. He gave His life for us even though we act like total "brats". I am learning, we are learning, or at least trying to learn this type of love. Only with His help. Xin is a good boy. It is just the language barrier. We can not communicate with him and he is smart. So he is trying, we are trying and it is just going no where. We are praying and we are growing and we are relying on Him.

Despite the bad day......we went to the Temple of Heaven. This is where the emperor came to pray in the summer and winter. It is now used for exercise basically. Then we went to a toy market and added to the Chinese economy. We hope tomorrow is a good day! We pray tomorrow is a good day!

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Ribbon dancing