Ok, the 1st picture sums it up. This was his ONLY good moment today. Notice the smile on Will's face. I hate to sound so negative all the time but I am not going to sugar coat....... even our sweet  guide seemed frustrated with him today. NOTHING was right. He cried, whined, threw a tantrum over EVERYTHING!!!!! It is hard to be out in public when this is happening and he is yelling in Chinese. I mean what is he saying? I hate these people? Help! They are crazy please take me away from them. Whew!!!!!! I don't think there was one person in our group that liked him very much today...... not even Hai Sen. He won't even eat alot of the food we give him now-he whines and complains about that too.

So, while he "tantrumed" we went to a really cool funky area of town, an art district called 798. It went on forever but we just touched on some of the areas. I am always amazed at the creativity of people! Enjoy the pictures. By the way, the reason you don't see much of Xin in them is because he REFUSES to be in them. Love like Jesus.....that is my motto!

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THE good moment of Day 13