Day 14...have we really been here 14 days, 2 weeks? Oh yes we have! Today was our last day here in Beijing. We did some paperwork this morning, had snacks/lunch in the room then headed to a park for a few hours. Xin had a better day with the slower pace so some of his issues may be overstimulation. His life has been so regimented and now we just go go go....with no nap. He is used to a 2 hr nap everyday. We cut those out because then he is up way too late. Overall though it was a MUCH beter day. We LIKED him today. He really has a cute personality when he is not tantruming. We have seen alot of Beijing and it is a very interesting city. The tours were wonderful. We leave early in the a.m. for Guangzhou and then go immediately to his physical exam where he will get many shots. It will be a long day and we are anticipating a bad day. The flight is 3 hours but the guide explained it to the 3 older ones and they seem excited. We shall see. I will try to post if I get time. Note in the pictures the vast amount of space we have had in our room over the last 14 days-very cozy! Also note how our son spins a coin. He spins everything. Very talented...we are proud!Thank you fr all the thoughts, ideas, and prayers. They have been our lifeline. You don't know how much we miss you all! Thanks for the Helen Keller analogy Susie-it is perfect. Prather Woods kids-how desperately our kids want to be there playing with you all!!!!! We leave China on the 1st and get back on the 1st-we gain a day back. We get into Atlanta very late SAT nite so we may not emerge until later on Sunday but know they can't wait to see you guys. Jon, we fly over theGobi desert.on our way home. We go right up over the north pole and   into Newark. So, goodbye from Beijing and catch up with you all in warm(we hope)Guangzhou!

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The park