Sometimes the things God calls us to are just down right hard! That pretty much sums up the day today. I think those 1st few days were the "honeymoon" stage and now we have hit some pretty hard reality. Let me see if I can name a person in our family who did NOT cry or have a melt down today????? Nope can't think of any. I know he is grieving, testing boundaries, frightened, etc and this is all "normal" but oh my is it hard!!!!! HELP! Anybody who is reading this and has done toddler/preschool age adoption,! I know God will supply all our needs. He will equip. I/we are holding on to those promises. Susie, thank you for the scripture. It is so comforting.

On another note..... the coolest part of the whole trip as Sam proclaimed was the Great Wall. He loved it 3 yrs ago and loved it today. While Will took a screaming, thrashing Xin down, Miss Priss, Jaida herself, climbed to the 1 st tower all by herself!!!!! This is quite an accomplishment people. We are quite proud of her! Sam, Julia and I went up to the 5th tower-wow-awesome and quite the workout! So, off to rest up so that we can put out all the "fires" that I am sure are coming tomorrow!

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