We just love Guangzhou! The part of GZ we are in is called Shamain Island. We sit right on the Pearl River. The White Swan Hotel where we are staying caters to tourists and especially adoptive families. So you see lots of Americans with Chinese children. It really warms your heart. And the really cool thing is I think almost every family we have seen here has more than one Chinese child. They are all so precious and to see them working to bond to their new families is amazing.  And almost all are special needs. So beautiful! In speaking to several of them, they all say their child and every child in their group has thrown tantrums numerous times. Makes me feel better. I really did know all of this before I came over here it is just that I guess part of me wanted to think, "Oh, that won't happen to us." So we have a normal kid! And he had a great day! After our yummy breakfast looking out over the river, we let the kids play in the playroom they have set up in the hotel for the kids. I waited in our room until our guide got back from the American Consulate and said all our paperwork was fine. We shopped a little and found a playground. It was a bit rainy but warm. This afternoon we went to an amazing garden. Xin fell asleep on the bus and Will and Poppy carried him until he woke up. Just like they did Jaida 3 yrs ago- only she weighed 18 lbs! We had another amazing dinner-Chinese food-and now the kids are winding down.

Jessica has made some big improvements and they took her off the ventilator and she breathed 5 breaths on her own. The doctors are amazed at her progress and say they can't explain it.....we can.It is called the power of prayer! Please keep them coming. My cousin and her husband have not left the hospital since last week-they really need pray too. Thank you for joining with us to pray for this dear family.

Here's to hoping and praying tomorrow will be a good one too. Or at least not a "tantrum" one. Good Night!

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At the garden