Oh my, 1 more day in China! Today we took the famous "red couch" photo that all adopted kids do. It was much easier this time with 4 toddler/preschool kids compared to 9 babies. A professional photographer comes to do this but as parents you have to snap away also. We get those tomorrow. We played in the playroom some more as it rained hard all day. We also went to a "market" where you can purchase any bug, snake, dog leg bone, scorpian, etc you want..... you know ,to whip up a good tasty soup or casserole. Remind me to give you all a few good recipes when we get home.After that we went to the American Consulate for our oath.No cameras allowed. This always gets me. It really doesn't appear all that sentimental or emotional but both times now  I have gotten teary.As I look around the large room you wait in until they come out to direct the oath, as a group, I see families created. Today there were mostly "non-babies" The American woman who led us said that 61% of the adoptions this year have been special needs kids. She asked who had adopted previously and 90% had-some on their 3rd and 4th! Two 13 yr old boys were adopted just before they aged out of the system and oh, that really got me. We saw one boy with his family tonight after dinner and he was holding the umbrella for his new dad trying to keep him dry. He kept brushing the raindrops off his back-it took all I had not to burst into tears. I noticed Xin was really quiet as we waited our turn to get our final paperwork at the consulate. As we went up to the window, the man had to check Will, mine and Xin's face to make sure it matched the passports. Xin wouldn't look at him. When he did look,he burst into tears. When all was done our guide asked Xin what the matter was and he said he was afraid we were giving him back. Ok, talk about losing it-neither Will or I could stand it. She explained it to him that we are his family and we are going to love him forever and are NOT ever giving him back. He only started to open up again once we were safely on the bus.I just wonder how long it will take him to really know he is with us forever. Bless his sweet heart. Please pray for his heart to have a peace about that. To know he is loved and safe.

I haven't mentioned our guide as much as I should have but let me just say she is an angel on earth! We are so blessed to have had her. She is just an amazing and remarkable person. She truly cares about these kids, and all of us.She goes over and beyond the call of duty. We are truly going to miss our dear Veronica!!!!

Jessica opened her eyes yesterday and squeezed my cousin's hand. Praise God she continues to improve!

So, we will enjoy our last day in China tomorrow. I can't believe I am saying ........our LAST day! Love to All!
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A foggy nite view from hotel