Merry Christmas!! · December 25, 2008

Well now our children have found about about their waiting baby brother---so all of you will know too!  Our kids are so excited--Hannah started crying she was so happy, and Joseph was close to tears too! It was truly the best Christmas gift ever!  Joseph has put aside two of his own Star Wars toys that he got from Santa to give to his baby brother---what a sweet guy he is!

I am sure you all have questions about Sammy--(what the kids chose to call him!) so I will try and answer what I think might be on your mind!

How are you able to adopt a boy from China?

There are actually SO many boys in Chinese orphanages---most of them have some sort of special need--minor or major. Most people go to China to adopt girls, so there are so many waiting boys---infants to teens- that are in desperate need of a family!

Does Samuel have a special need?

Yes--he was born w/ his right foot affected like Hope's that is presumably a result of the amniotic banding. This is not a big deal in it's own right, because it is the only limb that is affected--his hands and other foot is just fine! However......he was abandoned at 1 day old and the leg that had the imperfect foot was badly burned. His hip and foot have severe burn scars that will need some help through skin grafts and surgery. We are confident---through the review of our Doctors that this all totally treatable--and that he will live a full and normal life!!! We are not sure what can be done for his sweet little foot--if anything- and we might face some difficult decisios regarding it--but we are ready for the worst senario and will hope for the best!

Do you know why he was burned--and where his parents are?

No--we will never know why he was burned as a one day old baby. He was found with a towel wrapped around his leg, in a park. There was no note- and we have no idea where his birth parents are. We will always hope and pray that it was an accident----but you just never know. We just want to get him home to love him to pieces like he should have had from day one!

When will you travel to adopt him?

That is a million dollar question!!  We are hoping to have his case expedited because he does need skin graft treatments ASAP! We have Doctors that are trying to help us do that! So best case March/April----worst June/July 2009.

Not soon enough!!!!

I have added pics of our kids finding out this morning!!!

Again--Happy Holidays to all of you---and please leave us a note---as w/ Hope's blog we will save this for Samuel to read when he's older so he knows how loved he was from the start!!!!!!!!!!

Please say a prayer for our waiting baby......he is such a baby still and really needs us! Pray for his health--and for him to get loving care while he waits!


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Love to all!!! And it looks like 2009 will be another exciting year for the Dinello family!!!!

Although----this is definitely it-----6 is a great number!!