One step closer!!! · January 09, 2009

We got the exciting news today from our agency that our dossier (all the important paperwork) is on it's way to China as I type!!! It should arrive there on Monday the 12th!  I am hoping that they will be able to log it in before Chinese New Year that begins on the 26th!

In the adoption world, having this paperwork on its way is a HUGE relief--because there is literally nothing else you can do at this point--but wait to hear something back!! So now--we wait--and wait, and wait some more!! We are hoping that our agency will be able to help our paperwork move a bit faster-due to the severity of his recent pictures of his burn injury, but there are no guarantees! She told me tonight  that she has never requested to move a dossier in the Special Needs department faster because it already is supposed to be an expedited process--but she will do everything in her power to have them see how much he needs to be treated!!!!!

We have a Dr's letter and recent pics sent along, so maybe that will help a little! I have to say though---I am at peace, knowing that it will happen when it is supposed to.  There are so many things going on this Spring/early Summer that could mean bad timing for travel--but I am just going to have faith that it will all work out---and he will be waiting--and healthy--when we see him for the first time!!

Please say a prayer for our Samuel tonight---he is starting his day right now--with no idea that his family is getting closer every day to holding him and smothering him with all the love and kisses that he can handle!!!

We are all so excited--and cannot wait to see his beautiful black eyes, sitting with the other 5 pairs of eyes at our table for breakfast!!! I smile just thinking about it!!!

Love to all--and have a great weekend!!

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Dossier is on it's way!!!!!! Yipee!!
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