Passing the time...... · January 31, 2009

Boy-- I thought that since we were seasoned in the adoption process, that the wait would not be so rough this time around---nope--no different!! Still stressful and sooo hard having your baby half way around the world! There is nothing to update as of yet--it will be three weeks on Monday that our paperwork arrived in China--and of course, no news yet! We also just heard of a third step that so nicely has been incorporated in once we get our approval. We now have to send our approval w/ about 6 other documents BACK to the US immigration office, they will then send this to China, and THEN they will be able to issue our travel approval!! Ugghh!  This will most likely add a couple of weeks on at the tail end of things.....which may not sound like much--but really--every DAY that he has to spend there without us, pains me!

Sooooo, what have we been doing to pass the time--well, I have decided to start Sam's room and have had so much fun!! I am not all done--but I have pics to show what I have done so far!!

Hope you like it----and pray for our angel--he just recieved a Chinese New Year's package from us--and we "might" get some new pics--I hope so!! This is the third one we have sent--and I am getting together one for Valentine's Day that I hope to ship next week! Being so young, he probably does not "get" alot of what we send---but I hope that keep showing him our pics so we look sort of familiar! Also---it helps me to do SOMETHING--when there is nothing else that we can do!!!

Love to all and enjoy the pics!!

Amy,Darrin, and Kids!!!! XXOOXOXO

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His new nursery!
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