Moving right along!! · April 09, 2009

Hi all! Just wanted to let you know where we are at in the travel process!! We are still waiting for our travel approval--but jumped through the first extra hoop necessary to move things along. The added step, from last year (the I800 approval) is done, and has safely arrived at the US Consulate in China. Now--it has to be signed and then overnighted to the Chinese Center of Adoption Affairs--who will then sign, stamp, and mail out our travel approval! Ugh--this last part of the wait is like the last couple of weeks of pregnancy---yet, instead of protecting your sweet baby inside your belly.....that darling baby is around the world--and you have no idea how they are......sigh...

But..we are closing in on the finish line....our agency thinks that we should get our approval in the next couple of weeks--and has given us a tentative travel itinerary---and the day we would be united with our sweet Samuel......would be Sunday, May 10th.  And why is that day significant??? Well, it's Mother's Day! What a perfect day for us to gain a son, and our son to gain a mother!! Just perfect!  I hope that will come to pass--it would be so meaningful. I lost my mother when I was just nine, and my first daughter was born on her birthday (Christmas Eve) and I feel like this would be her hand guiding my life again!

So--we will see--but pray that it's soon--I am going a little batty--and have to stop with the trips to Target---or we will not fit all of our luggage!!:-)

We sent Sam a last care package--this will be his 4th--and I hope he likes it! We included an outfit, some toys, and some candies for the kids--and tea for the nannies--and more pictures of his room, and his family!

I am including a pic of the package sent....and some cute ones of Sam's waiting brothers and sisters!

Next post will be about our trip!! yay!

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Sam's latest care package!
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