WE ARE IN CHINA!!!!!! · May 23, 2009


Hello everyone!!  We are in China!! We had a very safe trip--no flight delays, no problems at all!! We left Harrisburg at 9 AM Friday and arrived in China at 8 PM Saturday night---finally got to our hotel around 10 PM. Sooo it was a long day--but we are no worse for the wear! It is now Sunday AM--and after going to bed around Midnight--we all slept through the night---what a miracle!!

This hotel is AWESOME!!! Such a difference from the one we stayed in with Hope!  It is very modern and clean--and HUGE!! It has the most amazing indoor pool--with a retractable roof--marble floors and columns--unreal!

Wlaking into our room and seeing Sam's crib all set up next to our bed gave me goosebumps!!! Cannot believe we meet hime tommorow!! Ahhhhh!!!!

So--we are off to explore the city today---it has a really cool pedestrian walk area, lined with shops. Also there is an outdoor flower market that looks so cool---everyone is buying flowers to decorate their cars for the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival later this week--so it should be neat to see!!!

I will post an update of our adventures later tonight (which will be Sunday AM to you!!) We are 12 hours later here!

Love to all!!! And leave us a note---we love to feel connected to all of those at home!!!!

Love love loveXOXOXO

Darrin, Amy, Hannah & Joseph

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