HE'S HERE!!!!! · May 25, 2009

Well--what a day!!!


We have our darling boy--and we could not be more blessed!!! He is an absolute doll--sweet, cuddly, smiling, beautiful little boy!! He has not cried once--and has eaten two bottles in the two hours we have had him! Darrin had him belly laughing within 20 minutes!!

He is tiny--probably the size of a ten month old! He is crawling and will walk while holding my hands--I have a feeling he will walk with a little more muscle in his little legs! He is just beyond perfect and we are so in love!!

We know you want pics--so here they are!! He is wonderful--we are so lucky!!!

We will post more later--we just wanted to make sure you saw our bundle of joy!!

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On our way to meet little brother!!
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