Day Two with Samuel!!! · May 26, 2009

Amy has asked me to take over the blog duties for today. Well, our adoption of Samuel is now official. We went back to the Register's Office today and we had all of the paperwork done, our pictures and fingerprints taken and we took the oath to never harm Samuel and provide a good life for him.

The trip here seems so much different than we came over here to get Hope. One of the big differences was with the caregiver that came with Sam. She told us that she worked at a desk in the orphanage so we are assuming she did not have much interaction with him. She was all business - never showed any emotion and just said good bye to him once and left for good knowing she would never see him again. The caregiver told us that they had a few nannies at the orphanage that worked as a team so none of the kids really attached to any of them. We do know that his orphanage is very old and sorely lacking for funds and we are sure the nannies are doing the best they can given the circumstances. As some of you know - there will be no trip to Sam's orphanage - they will not allow us to visit. It seems that Hope's orphanage was the Taj Mahal compared to Sam's.

Now, about Sam - I never knew this boy could touch our hearts like this. He is the cutest most lovable boy you can imagine. We get sad thinking that he never had anyone to bond to until now. The first time I held him he just clung his hands to me and wouldn't let go. At first he showed no emotion. But, while Amy was signing some paperwork I just started playing with him as I would any of our other kids and it worked. He was laughing out loud and just wanted to keep playing - it was so great to see the smile on his little face. Today, he continues to laugh and show his personality - especially when Hannah and Joseph are playing with him. We do have a few worries about the burns on his right leg - he must have been in so much pain when they happened to him. However, the doctors at Shriner's Hospital will do what they have to do and it will all work out for the best just like it has with Hope. One thing is for sure - The family that abandoned Samuel ended up giving us the best gift anyone could imagine.

We have not really done any sightseeing yet, It's been all paperwork and getting to know Samuel. However, we are here until Monday and the sightseeing begins tomorrow with the zoo (Hannah and Jospeh are psyched!!).

Thanks for all of your kinds words and prayers.   



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