Pandas, Pictures, and People!! · May 27, 2009

Hi everyone!!

Today was a favorite of all of our days here! We had so much fun!! First, though--let me tell you a little more about our sweet little boy!!

We were told by his orphanage "escort" a bunch of things about him. He is a smiling, happy boy--and tends to be on the quiet side. He loves to be held, and has been very healthy! He has never had solid food--never!!  It is a real challenge to get him to try any because I am so sure that the consistency freaks him out a bit. She told me that he eats 3 bottles a day with rice cereal in them--and that he sometimes willl take one at midnight. Since we have gotten him--he has averaged about seven botttles a day with rice in them, and he woke up last night at midnight and 4 AM  for more. I have tried oatmeal and he seems to like it--he also took a very small amount of applesauce. All in all--he pushes it away--so we will keep trying!!

He is a sweet, easy going. laughing, angel of a baby--we are so incredibly blessed. He has the face of an angel--and the personality to match. What he went through in the past year and a half is inconceivable to us. We found out that in addition to arriving at the orphanage at two days old (severly burned)- the earthquake hit his province when he was 5 months old and all of the walls of the orphanage crumbled and they had to be evacuated for an unknown amount of time. As an infant he had more to go through than most of us in our lifetimes. And--he still smiles. It sure puts things into perspective for us!

He is having a blast trying to walk and exploring!! He has definitely got some catching up to do in his motor developement--but you can tell he WANTS to go--just needs some practice!! He loves the toys we brought--but does not seem to know how to play with them. We know that all of this will come in time!! He seems very bright--and is imitating sounds and words--and our actions! Mostly--he is just so lovable--our own little Panda!!

Now--on to our day....

We went to the Chongqing Zoo today and saw an amazing assortment of animals. The pandas were incredible--and we got there at feeding time--so we got to see them eating thier bamboo-it was so cool!! We also loved the monkeys--they are always a hit!  It seems the animals are very well taken care of and it was a gorgeous zoo--their Banyan trees lined the walks--it was really pretty! There was a local art museum on the grounds--and the artist was there and let Hannah and Joseph practice Chinese calligraphy--they had so much fun! We also got a painting that depicts the mountains of Chongqing for a keepsake---and the kids picked out Painted Banyan leaves from the trees for all the kids in our family.

Our guide then told us there was an amusement park on the grounds--so the kids were all for it!! It looked a bit dicey to me--but they bought tickets and went on a few rides. They loved it. In the meantime--I was with a sleeping Sammy in his stroller--just waiting for everyone. Pretty soon--I had a crowd of women--trying to talk to me in Chinese--grabbing and touching Sam. It freaked me out because I didn't know what they were saying! When our guide got back she told me they were saying what beautiful skin he has--and that he was very lucky to go with us! The one lady had a baby Sam's age with her--who had a burn on his face--the woman saw a bit of the burn above Sam's sock and asked what had happened--she then showed us her sons back and chest--all severely burned with cooking oil. Our guides daughter was also burned--and the son of the orphanage lady was also burned on his leg like Sam. It seems that often grandparents are the ones caring fort he kids--and often they place them near the stoves while they cook==and accidents often occur. It's so sad!!

Anyhoo--fun times at the zoo/crazy Chinese amusement park--then we went to the Pedestrian walk--with malls as good as any you would see--and we were swarmed with papparazzi---I'll let the pics tell the story! It was so so funny!!

We are off to some village tomorrow--where I suppose we will meet some more adventure!!

Thank you for all your kind words, good wishes and prayers---it is such a comfort to have all of you cheering for us!!! We cannot wait til you meet this sweet boy!! He is giggling right now on the bed with his daddy!! Just love him!!!

Lots of pics to follow...........


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