The Great Hall of Chongqing...and other stuff!! · May 28, 2009

Hi everyone!

Today was another great day! We didn't have our tour till 2 pm so we had the morning to ourselves. We went back to the pedestrian area to get Sam some shoes---all of the ones that we brought are waaaay too big! After buying him some sporty, very tiny, shoes--we went to the "BIG M" for luch!  Yes--you guessed it--Mcdonalds!  Our guide calls it the big M--so funny! Darrin and I did not eat there--instead we chose to be a bit more adventurous and head over to Starbucks for a latte. Yes--we are pathetic, and not very adventurous with our eating!!

I made a major mistake--and while in Starbucks--I broke off the teeniest bity of a fry to give to Sam--seriously-no bigger than a grain of rice. Didn't work out so well--he gagged and spit up his whole bottle all over the two of us!! Yuk! Formula spit-up smells awful!! I think I forgot that!

Soooo, after a change of clothes for the two of us--we were off to The Great Hall--or People's Square of Chongqing. It was an awesome square that on one side was an impressive building that once housed their Town Hall--now it is used for concerts and events. There was also a museum there that told of the Three Gorges river that Chongqing sits on. It was really interesting---but I think that most of the people should have saved the money for the museum and just continued to crowd aroung us in the center hall! We, again--seemed to be the main event--our guide was with us and said that they think we are from Hollywood!! haha!! No--not Hollywood--just Harrisburg!!

There was a man that followed me around with Sam for awhile with a big lense camera--shooting our every move---I swear we know a bit how celebs feel at this point!  Our guide said she thinks that he might be a journalist and that maybe we will be in the local paper!! How darn funny!

Joseph hates all the attention--one man grabbed him in the museum and positioned him with his son to take a pic--Joe doesn't like it!! Hannah LOVES it and says she would love to be famous-shocker!! I do think that the attention is much more extreme here than last time. We also went to a local market with all fresh foods--like a farmers market. It was so neat to see how the locals buy/sell their food. It smelled fabulous--with all sorts of spices and veggies around. Chongqing is known for their spicy foods and their were tons of peppers that you could buy.

Again--we were stopped every few feet! People kept asking is Sam was mine (through our guide) and they gave me the thumbs up when they heard he was adopted. They were very kind! They also flipped when our guide told them that he was our 6th child! Inconceivable to them!

Now we are back at the hotel--comtemplating what western style restaurant we will hit up for dinner!! Sam continues to be an angel--and is thriving with all the attention and hugs and kisses he is getting! I am a bit worried about the eating thing---and am thinking we may have some food therapy in our future! He needs his big bro Charlie to teach him how to pack it away!!

Well--love to all--thank you for following our story as it unfolds----stay tunes for next time!!


Darrin, Amy, Hannah, Joseph and Samuel!!

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