A Palace, Rivers, Tea and Pizza (again) · May 29, 2009

The sightseeing of Chongqing was in full force again today. Our guide Deborah has been unbelievable - she has shown us so much history of the city along with taking us to places to experience the local flavor of the city as well. Of course, she has also made sure that we do at least one thing each day that is geared specifically to the kids.

We started off at Emperor Yu's Palace - he is known as a local hero dating back more than 300 years. Touring the palace we were able to learn about the history of Emperor Yu and the many traditions of Chongqing. We ended the tour with a private sitting in a tea room learning all about the tradition of Chinese tea (they take it seriously here). Of course, being the shallow American tourists that we are we spent half the time in the tea room laughing about a little clay statue called Pee Pee Boy. The Chinese use Pee Pee Boy to see if the tea is at the right temperature to drink it. When the water is done boiling they pour it over Pee Pee Boy and if he starts peeing then you know the tea is too hot to drink. Once he stops peeing then you can drink it!! The only people laughing harder than Hannah and Jospeh were Amy and I. When the tea sitting was done we bought some tea pots and the ladies threw in 6 Pee Pee Boy statues free for each of our kids since they knew how much we loved him!! WE ARE SO PATHETIC!!

We then finished our day at the point where the Three Gorges rivers meet in the city. We didn't spend too much time there because Joseph was so hungry we had to go eat. Again, where do the pathetic American tourists go for a nice dinner while in China - you guessed it - PIZZA HUT!!

Samuel continues to do great. Last night he walked for the first time for us. He was able to take 5 little steps to Hannah. He is really trying hard and loves it - we just have to build up his muscles some more and he will be fine. He is expressing himself more and more each day- talking and laughing and showing us his personality. He has also started really attaching to all of us - he will start crying when he sees Amy or I walk out of the room and has the biggest smile on his face when Hannah and Joseph are playing with him. He is really soaking up the attention and stimulation he is getting and we notice changes in him each and every day. We know we have a long way to go with him as he does with us but it has started off about as good as we could have ever hoped.

One more week to go until we bring him home!! Somebody tell 3Bs that Joseph will be home soon for some "real" ice cream!!! A gallon or 3 should hold him over the first night we're home!!!

 Tommorow should be a riot! We are going to a carnival for Children's Day--a holiday here in China! I am quite certain we will be the only Americans there!! Stay tuned..............

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