Carnivals--and interviews! · May 30, 2009

Today was the kids favorite so far! We went to a convention center for the Children's Day holiday celebration. It was a huge hall filled with TV sponsored activities and the biggest moon bounces that we have EVER seen!! Joseph felt like he died and went to heaven!!  There was also a large stage that children were performing on--they were so adorable!!

The kids bounced until they dropped--and did all the activities they could! Sam was a bit overwhelmed--and has proved to us that being in the hotel room with just us, is when we see the real Sam emerges! He is much happier and more comfortable when not surrounded by masses of people. We learned that he had never left the orphanage grounds before last Monday--so you can imagine how his little head is spinning on all of our day trips!

We also had the disposable cameras that had been sent with care packages that we mailed developed. We hoped to get a view into his life at the orphanage--and also give him a few glimpses of his past. We loved having pics of Hope's orphanage--and all of the nannies swarming her--and the bright beautiful facility.

These pictures were quite different than Hope's. One of the rolls must have been taken just a couple days before we got Sam--since he arrived to us with a small scratch by his eye--and in the 1st photos, he has that same scratch--and looks about the same size. The pictures are heart wrenching--and I looked at them through tears. He is posed by a filty wall--with the most sad empty expression---just propped up against a wall-in dirty, ill-fitting clothes. Then he is in a dirty walker--that is way too small, and his legs drag on the ground. In one picture--he is with a little friend--also way to big for the walker--who appears to have club feet--like our Hope had with her one foot. If I could find him and throw him in our backpack--I would!! The older pictures are from winter. He is bundled--which is good--but in a dirty crib--which he appears to share with the same sweet friend. Paint is chipped on all on the walls behind the crib---all is dark, dingy, grey, and depressing--not a color in sight. Next were the bath pics. They told me he was bathed two times a day! It seems to be in a pot of some sort--with a baby friend--in water that I am sure had been used for all of the babies--since it is brown.

I know some of you might think---what do you expect?? But it is very easy when looking at your adopted baby--in their new clothes--all clean and sweet smelling--with their bellies getting bigger by the minute--and the giggles getting louder every day---to forget. Forget what their yesterdays were like. Forget that just last week--he was barely surviving --in an existence that is incomprehensible to all of us. That at almost 18 months--he had never been given food---none. There just wasn't enough. And when he cried out of hunger--he was given sugar water to tide him over till he was permitted to eat again.

It is ---well- I am trying to think of a word for how I feel about it--and unacceptable is what comes to mind. He was not alone. There are millions of babies, toddlers, and older children---just surviving all over this world. Just survivng--not being cooed at, or loved---those that are being adopted are just dropped off with a wave--not a hug. Not a tear shed--because now they have one less child to feed.  I am not knocking the caregivers---they are also doing the best they can--truly. They do not have enough hands, or the luxury of falling in love with all the babies. They do the best they can.

Why I am writing this is because I want all of you to know that we are bringing this beautiful little soul home. We are blessed, and fortunate to be able to do so. But please do not forget that there are so many more children--just as special as Sam--just as wonderful as Hope. If you ever would consider helping any of them in any way---please do it. If adoption is calling to your heart----you will never regret it. If you want to help in some other way--go to the organizations in my favorites--maybe sponsoring a child would be a possibility.

Ok--I am sorry to be on my high horse here---I just CANNOT forget all of the faces in these photos---especially because my beautiful boy is one of them.......

Ok---on a MUCH brighter note----I have to add that today--our star status went up a notch! When entering the carnival--we were stopped by members of the Chongqing News--and asked (through our guide) if we would do an interview!! So tonight--and tommorow night on CQTV--we are the main story----and if you think I'm makin' it up====just check out the pics!!! We are trying to get them to mail a DVD of it to us!

John and Kate plus 8---you ain't got nothin' on Darrin and Amy plus 6 in China!!

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