Porcelain village--sweets and steak! · May 31, 2009

Hi there! 

We had another interesting day--and it was our last in Chongqing! Tommorow we head out to Guangzhou--the last stop on our adoption tour!

We went to a Porcelain Village today--that was so cool. Narrow cobblestone alleys that are built into the mountain and lined with shops. It is a charming tourist location for the locals--and we loved it! The kids got to sample homemade candy on a stick that was made for them--and watch a fancy cotton candy spun for them! There were also rows of shops to catch our eye--but mostly were very touristy, so we did not buy much! We sat and sampled local beers at a covered patio area looking over the river--it was so beautiful-it reminded me of a quaint European town.

There were alot of locals sitting and playing a Chinese game at the tables--it was a very peaceful and calm atmosphere, and Sam loved it! He does much better with calm! When walking through the crowded alleys--he has a blank stare. If any of the locals try to engage him-he will not look in their eyes-but usually turns his head to the side.

He does love our guide Deborah--and I think the feeling is mutual--she always offers to hold him, and will gladly sit with him in her lap while we tend to the other kids! She is really an incredible person--and since we are the only family here- we have been lucky enough to ask questions to learn about alot of Chinese history, culture-and even more about adoptions. We will miss her when we move on to Guangzhou tommorow!

We had a really nice steak dinner at The Manhattan Steakhouse tonight. This is the most I think that we ate the whole trip--and it tasted so good! The kids were so happy to have a "taste" of home! Hannah and Joseph have been really great--but hey-they are kids, and this is not the easiest trip for a kid. They are bickering in the hotel room--but when we are out they are fine. Dinner time seems to be the witching hour---they both seem to get punch-drunk-and whatever we say or do, they cannot stop laughing. Consequently--we can't stop laughing either. So night after night we make a spectacle of ourselves. And don't even get me started about the elevators.....

All in all--they have been very good--and love their baby brother to pieces! Hannah has taken on her usual maternal role--and Sam's smile lights up when he sees her! Joseph loves him too--but I think feels a tad jealous--so he has been asking alot about when he was a baby! They are both great kids--and we do love having them here--(most of the time!!:-)

We are really missing our other little ones at home though--and cannot wait till friday when we can see their sweet faces!! This is a long time away--and it gets more difficult the second week--you are just ready to be done, and get home and begin your lives together!!! Only 5 more days---we cannot wait!!!!

Don't know when I will get a chance to post tommorow--it is a travel day--but I will try! Pray for safe travels--and again--uneventful!! Thanks!!

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