Greetings from Guangzhou!! · June 01, 2009

Hi everyone!!

We have arrived to a balmy (85 degrees) Guangzhou--and are nestled into the White Swan hotel--where we stayed last year while adopting Hope. It is almost surreal being here again--so soon--and without our little Hope!! We all felt a bit nostaligic walking in--and are sorely missing our beautiful baby girl today!! We also are missing the Rowley's and Roth's!!

Stacy--we ate a late dinner at Lucy's and it was not nearly as much fun!!--Also we passed the spot--in front of the kittens--remember?? that we said goodbye last year--and I had a tear in my eye! This trip has been great--but at this leg of the journey, it would be so great to have our old friends with us--we miss you guys--and will never forget how special you made our last trip!!!

As for Sam.....he definitely is THE MAN!! He slept from takeoff to touchdown on the plane--and had a great dinner of applesauce at Lucy's--and has smiled basically all day! He is now fast asleep in his "new" crib, and I just wonder what his sweet head thinks of all of this!! 

We are now counting down---4 more days and we are home!!! Tommorow is Sam's medical exam--and he has to get some shots--yuck! Then paperwork! We met our guide Simon--and Hannah has a little crush--he is a quite handsome Chinese man!! He is great and I am sure we will enjoy our last few days here! So funny--we were told that at first our guide here's name would be Alvin. Simon showed up--but I was half expecting Theodore!! hee hee!!

Not many pics tonight--but I am sure we will have more tommorow!!

Off to bed--we are pooped!!

Love you all--thanks again for all of your support--and notes to us, they mean so much when you are so far from home!!

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lady carrying our painting onto plane that we left at security!
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