All our bags are packed..we're ready to go.... · June 04, 2009

Hi everyone!!!

This will be our last post from China!! We cannot wait to get home--of course--but it is very bittersweet taking Samuel from his birth country. This, for better or worse, is the place where his days began, and as tragic as his beginning was, it is what led him to our family. We are so incredibly grateful for this sweet baby. Darrin and I were talking at dinner tonight how it seems so impossible that we have only known him a week and a half. I am quite certain he was placed in our hearts by God the very day that he was born. God had already written his story, and knew in Samuel's bitter start, that one day he would be a cherished, adored child. He would have a home, and a family. He would enhance the lives of those who have the honor of knowing him. We cannot wait to show all of you his incredibly bright, soft spirit. He is a true gift.

Samuel, and the rest of us, were able to enjoy our last day whole-heatredly because before we began our amusement park adventure--were were handed his Visa. Phew!!! Then we were off to an incredible park on a beautiful lake--that was so wonderful! It was a bright sunny day--with a nice breeze--very unusual for Guangzhou. The kids were able to motor their own boats out onto the lake--and had so much fun!! We rode rides--watched locals participating in singing and dancing lessons, under the Banyan trees, and admiring the grandparents pushing their adorable grandchildren through the park. It is customary for grandparents here to watch their grandchildren while their parents work. You rarely see mothers and fathers with the little ones!

We then went to a Cantonese resaturant with our guide Simon. It was something we had been avoiding--but we were so happy for the experience. It was a place mainly for locals. We had the most incredible fried noodles, and vegetables and dumplings--all hand-made right at the restaurant. We also were brave enough to sample the daily special--EEL!! And Darrin and Hannah tried the Alligator meat stew! They said it tasted like pork. I pretended to try both to be polite--and then shoved it in a bowl and put my napkin on top! I'm not brave in the food department!

We wrapped up our night by shopping for gifts--and having one last dinner at Lucy's. It was a wonderful day.

We wound up purchasing most of our gifts from Jordon--our pringle loving friend from last year! He saw Darrin in the street a few days ago--and recognized him right away--he was very excited to see us and our "spicy Chongqing Boy"--as he said.

His description of Chongqing spicy food almost made us pass out from laughing. When Darrin asked him how he remembered us--he said-"because you a very handsome man!!"--ohhh Jordon! Then he turned to me and said--"and she have such a happy personality!!"    Uhh---thanks alot Jordon!

We brought him pringles and he said" how you know???? Pringles are my faaaavorite--I so lucky!!!" He then did a fan dance around the shop with Hannah. This man is hysterical!! If you are coming to China soon--please shop at Jordon's--you won't regret it!!

It is so surreal to me--that we will be united as a family tommorow. I feel nothing but grateful at the life that I have been given--and the incredible opportunity to parent all of these kids. I am not delusional--and am quite certain that there are challenges ahead---but my motto has always been that nothing in this life that is worthwhile is ever easy. We are so excited to see our other babies faces. We are thrilled to be coming home. We cannot wait to begin our next chapter--our family complete--the missing piece of our puzzle found.

See you all state-side!!!


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