Planes,delays,screams,and a shiny black prize! · June 07, 2009
We're home!
Well--after a big pain in the rear trip home-that began (U.S. time) at 5 PM thursday, we finally arrived at home around 2:30 AM Saturday morning. What happened in between those hours was less than fun.
Quick recap---
Flight to Shanghai--uneventful. We settled in for our 4 hour layover. When the flight was boarding to Newark--they suddenly asked everyone to sit back down. It seems our flight crew--who had been on a previous flight, was put in quarantine, because someone had been on board with a "threat" of the swine flu. We had no crew for our flight==so they said they would try to find one. About an hour after our flight was "supposed" to leave--it was cancelled. I could do nothing but go stand off in a corner-while holding a sleeping Samuel-and cry like a big baby.
They tried to put us on a United flight-to Chicago-but said that we were on our own in Chicago--and our luggage (which had been checked) would go to Newark. We were also told that we were not guaranteed to get on the flight to Newark on Saturday--it was full.
Forward a couple of hours--they now tell us that the quarantine was lifted on the crew--and the original flight was now a GO!! Horray! Boarding was to start at 5 pm. We finally boarded around 6 pm. Settled in on the plane--finally. The captain comes on and says-due to weather (it was raining/lightening) the flight has been delayed for an "indefinite" amount of time. OMG!!
TWO HOURS later--we left on our 14 and a half hour trip to Newark. 9 HOURS after arriving in Shanghai. Sam did not enjoy the plane. He screamed and could not get settled--I think his ears hurt, My ears hurt too--but not from the altitude.
We landed in Newark with zero plan on how we were to get home. We missed our connecting flight. It was 11 at night. The rental car places were closed. We were completely spent.
This is when our miracle occured.
Darrin turned on his phone and got a text message. "your limo will be waiting--your driver's name is Steve".
Praise God and all things good--our good friends--and Sam's godfather-Tom and Elana Lupinetti-heard our plight--and called all over God's creation to find us a ride. They found an angel--by the name of Steve-who was willing to drive the 2 plus hours to Harrisburg at almost midnight.This was the most incredible gift. After our long and weary journey, we were able to get home. The limo was nothing short of a chariot--and when I laid my eyes upon it--I swear I heard angels singing!! (not really--but almost!) Tom and Elena--you are angels of friends and we will be eternally grateful for this unexpected gift!
We got home--and Sam was a bit overwhelmed. SO much to see! We couldn't help ourselves--and at 3 AM woke up all the kids--and introduced their brother. We had a party in Sam's room until about 4. They all loved him so much. Caroline has learned to mother from her big sis--and is totally enchanted by Sam. Charlie keeps asking if we really can keep him--forever and ever. He loves him so--and kept trying to give hime his cars. Hope loves him--but after the initial joy of seeing us and him wore off--she grabbed her toy out of his hand and told me "he's takin' my stuff!!" It seems that the China princess has been dethroned--and I'm not sure yet how she feels about that!!
Sam has his schedule all messed up--and so he isn't sleeping as much as he should. He is definitely a bit overstimulated--and has been crying alot since we have been home. If I walk two steps away from him--he screams--tears flowing--little body shaking. He has attatched==big time. Which is so great--really it is--considering how he began--he does not seem to have the sensory issues Hope has had--and is firmly attatched to me and Darrin. He likes all the kids--but prefers Snickers to everyone--and has gotten stuck under the bed while "hunting" her. So far--the feeling is not really mutual. I will not lie--I am also feeling a bit overstimulated myself--and down right exhausted. It is 5:40 AM right now--and Sam has been up since 4 AM. I need to sleep--because sleep puts all into perspective. Right now- my perspective is skewed by my exhaustion. I am not sure how I can do this. But do it I will.
I love this baby with a fierce intensity--and am sure that he will settle in. This first week is very hard though--and he needs to feel secure before he will settle. I need to feel secure before I settle. I have a cold--sore throat-headache. I think Sam has an ear infection. Or maybe he's just a bit tiffed that he has to share me. I feel like there is not enough me to go around right now. I missed my other babies so much--but have barely been able to play with them--because I have my little man firmly on my hip 24/7.
Reality is also settling in on the medical front. Sam has alot  to go through in his near future with his burn scars. He also will need occupational/physical therapy for his delays due to being in an ophanage. He is coming along at a fast clip--and is soooo sweet and cuddly--but it will be a long road.
Ok--as you can read--I am not Mother Theresa. I am merely human--and a mother bear--who is sorely worried about her littlest cub.He has shown me, though--he is alot stronger than all of us. He is just a bit scared that this new situation will disolve the minute I walk out of eyesight. That's ok--I don't like him being out of my eyesight for long either.
We are off to start day two at home--I know as everyday goes by--things will get easier. But if you could send a few prayers our way--it would be great!
Love to all of you that have followed our journey--and thank you for all your words of encouragement.
My next post will be dedicated to all of those that helped in our absence--and there were plenty!!!!
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