Happy Fourth of July!! (well-5th actually!) · July 05, 2009

I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday weekened!!

We had such a great time celebrating Sam's first Independance day! He got to enjoy a party at our pool--with lots of swimming, and music, and tie-dying for the older kids. Then we had a party at a friends pool today and Sam got to show off his new walking skills!

That's right folks.--we now have a walker!! Sam has managed to go from just taking 10 or so steps, to all out walking in the past few days!

His resilience, determination, and sheer happiness grows with each day--we are so amazed by the way that he has handled all the transition in his little life!! Sam loves being around all the kids and commotion, and rarely misses a beat! He is coming out of his shell more as each day passes, and all our friends have commented on the remarkable change that he has had in the 4 weeks that we have been home.

To recap: when we first met Sam--

He only had 3- 8 ounce bottles a day

He had never had any solid food

He was physically like a 9 month old in the way he could get around--crawling slowly--sitting for long periods of time without making a peep

He rarely made any sounds--babbling,crying, laughing-or otherwise He gagged every time that he had any solids near his mouth He didn't know how to play with any toys

He had a hard time picking up any small objects

NOW--just 6 weeks later: He has switched to whole milk instead of formula

He not only has transitioned from baby food to solids--he will eat just about anything that is given to him!

He loves pizza, meat balls, and noodles the best--good thing he's 1/4 Italian!!:-) He also can put away LARGE portions of cheerios!!

He is FAST!! He now walks 90% of the time, and crawls at lightening speed!

He also loves to dump things off his table while looking straight at me--knowing he shouldn't!! (true toddler behavior!!)

He also will pick up any tiny thing in his path--leaf,bug,cheerio...etc..

. He loves his toys--but give him a large cup of ice water at the pool--and he could be entertained for quite some time!!

He does seem to know how to "play" with his things so much more!! He can be LOUD!!

He is still quiet in large groups--but at home he lets out some serious babble--in a very loud voice!!

SO--as you can see--our baby boy is thriving--and we could not be more grateful!! Also--his siblings have all settled into our new normal---and it is business as usual here!

ALSO--very great news--we met with our first Pediatric Plastic Surgeon regarding Sam's burns. He said that he can release Sam's contracted scar on his foot--which is causing it to turn--and his foot should naturally go back to it's normal position--and with some physical therapy he should be great! And his scar on his hip was recommended to be dealt with at a later date--due to it's place. It will be tricky to keep dry and immobile while he is still in diapers. Since this scar is not harming the development of his leg in any way--it can wait. We are confident that this Dr, knows his stuff-but are still getting another opinion---just to be sure. We feel happy that we are moving in a positive direction!

Also--we were able to meet up with good friends last week--one's that we made on our adoption trip with Hope. We brought 5 of my six kids to stay with my buddy Sharon's 6 kids overnight at Chez Rowley--and then hit the Bronx Zoo the next day, and got to see Stacy and her gorgeous girls. What a great time we had--and so amazing to see our three girls one year later--and to meet Sharon's newest Alex, and introduce our Samuel! Love these friends--and adore all of their children!

Soooo--busy times--but great times. We are also looking forward to a beach trip this saturday--cannot wait! I just hope that Sam decides to sleep a little better than he did at the Rowley's!!:-)

Enjoy our pics!! XOXOOXOX

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