Much needed update!!! · September 15, 2009

I know-I know--way too long without an update!! Life has been crazy, but good crazy!

We had an incredible summer with our little Samuel! Samuel has gone through such incredible changes in the short time that we have had him--it is literally like watching a caterpillar emerge from it's cocoon--and become the magnificent colorful butterfly it was meant to be!! (I know-corny analogy-but it what I think of when I see him!!)

To recap what we have been up to: **Sam had an incredible time at the beach-loving the sand and the water--running into it while laughing hysterically!! He played and loved the ice cream that he had 2 times a day!!He also slept great there which is what we were worried about, but he did great!

**We got to visit parks, and pools, even went to The Land of the Little Horses in Gettysburg! He loved those little horses! I highly recommend that place!

**We went to NYC and saw the Statue of Liberty, and got to meet Aunt Cindy and cousin Joanie--who promptly felll in love with Sam!

**Sam also got baptized--what a wonderful day filled with friends and family--he was so sweet! My sister Kathy visited and got to meet and snuggle with Sam!

**School has begun for the rest of my crew--and we have 3 gone all day. and Hope and Charlie are in Pre-school 3 mornings a week--so Sam and I have gotten some great one on one time!

Physically, Sam has been doing so beautifully! He has grown 1 3/4 inches, and gained 4 lbs. from our 1st pediatrician visit in the middle of June. He eats everything in sight--and is happiest while at the table trying new foods!! Quite different from the worry that I had that he might need food therapy! He walks and runs and climbs and explores--just like 21 month olds are supposed too! His little legs have some muscle to them and he seems so HAPPY to be able to chase his brothers and sisters--and the dog!

He is working on talking--and seems a bit behind in that department--but I was told that is due to his lack of solid food before we got him. It seems that he needed to build up the muscles in his throat by swallowing--that in turn gives him strength to form words. He is trying--and surprises us sometimes by blurting out words as clear as day!! When we first saw Sam, he was skinny, weak, and could only crawl. He didn't grab at anything, and barely would hold a toy. He sat for long periods of time--without complaint. He could not swallow solid food without gagging and spitting up. He didn't laugh out loud much--he just seemed resigned to his existence.

What amazes me the most--is that it just did not take much--no fancy Doctors, no therapy, no medical intervention at all----just love. That's it--a warm bed, enough food, loving arms, and a million kisses a day--and he is now the child that he was meant to be. Our family could not love Sam anymore than we do---seriously--we are head over heels. He is just the easiest child to love.

Those who have met him know what I mean. He is soft, cuddly, has an enormous, contagious smile, and has an "old soul" spirit about him. He is the most perfect child for us--and for our family. We are honored to be his parents--and are excited about his future!!

As far as his burns go--- We have decided to have skin graft surgery done at John's Hopkins--we found an amazing Dr. there that we love and have great confidence in! He will need to stay in the hospital for three nights (!) and then need about 6 weeks recovery from start to finish. We are also meeting with an orthpopedic Dr. there to see if he might need tendon lengthining done as well to trun his little foot back to the proper position. We anticipate that this will take place sometime in November.

Pray for Sam--and for us--the thought of handing him over to be "worked" on terrifies me!!! Now for all the pics---enjoy our little man---he is truly the best gift!!!

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