Fall update!! · November 13, 2009

update time again! I know I get the worst blogger award, but man I don't know how people have the time to do updates often!!

I am thinking that I will also be starting a family blog--since there is so much that I would love to share and document about our big family! I also would love to be able to advocate for waiting children in China--and I feel like I could do that more efficiently with a more personalized blog! So---for now- I will update about Sam, and then will share my new blog when it's ready!!

So--almost 6 months with Sam--and a few months since our last update!! Sam is doing incredible! He is still the loving sweet boy that he was when we first met--but he is definitely now what I would call a more "normal" almost two year old! By "normal" I mean--emptying the dog bowl, unraveling the toilet paper, dumping out large containers of pretzels--salt and all, hiding shoes, throwing food off the table--and yelling, let's not forget the yelling!

He is mostly a quiet boy--but watch out when he is mad--his yell packs a punch!! Good thing is--he is very easily consoled--so it usually doesn't last long! He is so strong now--running and climbing--and gaining weight and muscle--and inches! Mostly--he is just perfect for our family--and I feel that he is so happy here--I truly have not questioned his happiness--he just seems to be content. Content and happy is what I want for him too-- so that makes me content and happy. A win, win!!

He also is interacting more and more with his brothers and sisters--and while he is still not much of a conversationalist--he will find ways to get them to notice him--and play with him--it is so cute! I am hoping that he will be able to start using words more and more--we are still pretty basic at this point--and I think that he get frustrated---(hence the yelling)!!

Sam has gotten to go trick or treating,picked pumpkins, jumped in leaves, and a big trip to Disney World with all his brothers and sisters--he LOVED it!!

We are gearing up for his 1st Thanksgiving, and Christmas!! I am so excited for him!

We also have his surgery scheduled for both January 28th and February 11th. He will have artificial skin grafts done in Jan. and an orthopedic doc will also be in that surgery to determine if he needs tendon lengthening and/or pins to straighten his foot. The second surgery will be additional skin grafting. He will be in the hospital (John's Hopkin's) 2-3 nights each surgery. I am NOT looking forward to it--but it needs to be done--the sooner the better. Pray that he will be held in God's hand at this time--he has been through so much--I just want this to go smoothly for him!

So that's it in a nutshell!! Here are some pics for all of you to enjoy!! Be warned--you might have the incredible urge to squeeze his cheeks and kiss his pouty lips after seeing them. You have been warned...........

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