We made it!!! · March 28, 2008

Hello all from Nanjing!!! Can you believe that I am typing this from China?? It is surreal!! We had a pretty uneventful trip here- after a rocky start! Our flight to Chicago was delayed two hours and they had to reroute us through Dullles so that we could make our connecting flight to Beijing. We arrived in Dulles at 12:10 pm and our flight for Beijing left at 12:20- soo we raced throught the airport- 50 lb. backpacks on our backs and made it to the plane just as they were about to close the doors- Whoa- what a way to start!!  The flight, however- was just awesome! We upgrdaed to business class- had seats that reclined into a sleeping postion- champagne the minute we got on the plane. We got 4 course meals and waited on hand and foot- I was a little sad when we had to get off the plane!! Hannah was so funny during the flight- she went into coach- which was filled completely with Chinese people, and met a little 4 year old Chinese girl, who she took care of the entire flight- no language barrier for those two- they had a blast! This little girl adored Hannah and I had tears in my eyes thinking that this will be how Hope adores her! At one point- Hannah walked past us w/ not one, but THREE Chinese girls holding hand behind her- Darrin and I nearly fell out of our seats laughing- she was the Nanny of the flight!!

Our hotel is nice- not great, but nice. We have a three room suite which is very spacious- and Hope's crib is waiting next to our bed- that made me cry! We did manage to sleep all night- thank God due to extreme exhaustion! It is 7AM here right now on Saturday- so it's 7 PM to all of you at home on Friday. I have already talked to the kids- last night and they seem to be doing great! By now Caroline is w/ Amy- give her big smooches from MOM and DAD! Joseph is w/ Michele- Give him smooches too! And Charlie is home w/ Kim- Again- kisses to him!!

Here are some pics I took so far- so funny- we are like famous here- everyone stops what they are doing to look at us when we go by! Also- met up w/ my friend Sharon- who has her 4 kids w/ her- 3 boys and 1 little girl adopted from China fifteen months ago. They are adopting a beautiful 4 year old from Hope's Orphanage- they are so nice!

Continue praying for us- excitement is mounting as we are only two days away from meeting our sweet Hope!!!


Love to you all, signing off from Nanjing.....


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Darrin & Hannah on the plane
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