Dinello adventures day #1 · March 29, 2008

So today might have been one of the funniest of our lives! We woke up and went to breakfast- which was really good- lots of stuff we would like! Hannah was so game that she wanted to try the pink and green sushi- I would not let her!! We met another family that was adopting through our agency and their 6 year old daughter that they had adopted from here 5 years ago. Well it must just be something about Hannah b/c this child adored her and even came to eat breakfast with us at our table b/c she wanted to sit next to her! She was a little pistol and reminded me alot of Hannah!

Next- we ventured out! We gave the cab driver a little card in Chinese that let him know where we wanted to go- well we THOUGHT that we were going to the Confuscious Temple- but we wound up in this incredible market place- rows and rows of open air shops with all Chinese goods. THIS is where the staring began. Honestly- these people stare at us with no discretion at all- like mouths gaping and pointing and sometimes laughter!! They especially love Hannah- everyone that passes her stopped to look, and if they had their Chinese children with them, they would hold them up and point to her and they would giggle! Truly-hysterical!! Soooo what do we do to make ourselves stand out even more??? We go on a rickshaw ride that takes us up and down the alleys of the marketplace, through the main center-everywhere. We were laughing so hard, we nearly fell out of the rickshaws! The people were in crowds as we went by w/ cameras and video cameras- snapping, filming, and yes, laughing at the dumb Americans in the rickshaws! One of the funniest things ever!- Pictures are following..

Next we had lunch at Papa Johns- yes you read right-we had pizza for lunch- it was really good! Then- to our next adventure- Chinese Wal Mart!! Another funny experience- more stares-and possibly the most confusing and crowded place I have ever been in my life!! We got bottled water and some snacks- although their "party" sized bag of Lays chips is a little bigger than the snack size bags we put in our kids lunch! And that is why I have not seen an overweight person since I got here! Then- the fresh fish section- I just have no words- just check out the pictures- especially you Joseph!!  At one point Darrin and I looked at each other and said "Oh my God- where in the hell are we???" We feel like we are martians dropped on a foreign planet!

I have to say- I really love the people! They are kind, accomodating, and even with thier stares- do not feel threatening at all- just mildly amused! If you say Ni Hao (hello) to them in Chinese- they really love you and laugh and say HI! back!

SO we all passed out around 5 pm after our adventures- big mistake! We were all up in the middle of the night at different times- it might be a long day! It is 7:30 am here on Sunday- so 7:30 pm Saturday on the east coast! We are able to e-mail and get your e-mails- so thank you for all who left supportive words- it is so nice to feel connected when we are so far away!! Please keep the e-mails and the guestbook comments coming!! It really is nice!

Tomorrow is the big day- I have butterflies thinking about it!! I am so excited, nervous and anxious- I know that Darrin feels the same way! Pray for us- I will try to leave a message tomorrow morning before we leave to get Hope to tell you about today- if I am able to type!!

We love you all!!

Darrin, Amy & Hannah

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in China!
Good night and God Bless from Nanjing.....