Hope Day #2!! · March 31, 2008

So after I wrote last night- things continued to go amazingly well!! We orderedHope room service for dinner- with no clue what to get her- so we ordered two kinds of fried rice- thinking it would be a safe bet! She loved it- and ate alot- that was on top of the box of cookies, two bottles, and bowl of honey nut cheerios that she had eaten- so we are off to a good start for eating! The best part of the day was hearing her squeal with laughter as we chased her around the room- getting her and tickling her- she has the most adorable laugh that I have ever heard! She has a million expressions, and as the layers begin to shed..we are seeing so much more of her silly personality! Her favorite part of last night was the tub! As soon as I started running it, she began ripping her clothes off! She and Hannah had a tub together and were in there for about 40 minutes! Darrin sat in the bathroom- we want to get her as used to her Baba(daddy) as possible and this was a big ice breaker for them! I had this mousse baby soap that Darrin would squirt on her hands- she would rub her hands together and wash her cheeks then up and down her arms, then she would do Hannah's face and arms- she is such a riot!

After her bath- she insisted that she put her own pj's on- yes, this 2 year old can dress herself! Which makes me a little sad- b/c I am sure she's had to learn how, but it is quite funny to watch! She also can zip her jacket up! (Charlie- your sister is gonna teach you a thing or two!) She also loved when I rubbed her lotion on- she made me do it again and again- I don't think that she has ever had it before- and probably not loved like that. I really rubbed her little feet and hands too- since I am sure that they have not gotten alot of attention- she loved that- mostly her feet!

As far as the condition of everything- she looks fantastic! her hands are what we expected- and they do not hold her back one bit! I don't know if she will need much (if anything) done with them! Her feet we had not seen before- so they were a little more surprising. They are so tiny- none of our shoes fit her- they are just as cute as you can get- but they will definitely need some surgery. Her right foot has a complete seperate big toe, part of a second toe, and then the rest are webbed- but I think that the bones underneath are seperated which is great- b/c it wouldn't be a big surgery. Her little left foot has complete webbing across- consequently- she turns it in and balances by walking on her tip toe (which we knew from her video). I don't know how they will address this- but we will cross that bridge when we get to it! She is a fast little sucker though- and probably runs around more than most of the children here!  The other little surprise was that it looks like her beautiful teeth have never seen a toothbrush- poor darling. Most of the kids have the same situation here. She has great teeth- but they have some decay- and I have brushed them like the dickens..thank God she was adopted into the right family!! Grandpa, Uncle Don and Dr. Tom- get ready- your most beautiful little patient will need some attention!! These are just her baby teeth- so we aren't really concerned! When she does smile though- your heart melts- it is the most gorgeous smile- with two deep dimples on either side of her chubby cheeks!! Amazing little girl!

Ok- on to today...(sorry for the novel!)we had to be up at 8 am to go back to the civil affairs office- where we met Hope yesterday. This is where we complete the Chinese side of the adoption.  We found out on the way there that the nannies would be there. I was a bit distressed- as yesterday had not gone so well w/ them and we were just beginning to make some headway. We got there and the director of the orphanage ( a male) whom she screamed bloody murder for yesterday- tried to hold her- she shook her head no and wrapped her little arms around me. Victory # 1 for mom! Then we spotted the caregivers- all of them w/ cameras- pointed straight at Hope. Her main caregiver was crying again- and then I started. Hope looked at them w/ curiosity, but didn't cry- she waved. Her caregiver ran out of the room crying- so I was a mess too. She was fine- ran around- and we put our fingers in ink, and then swore that we would never hurt or abandon or abuse her- and then she was ours...

After that- her caregivers swarmed her w/ cameras- they obviously loved her alot- and through tears they were smiling that we seemd to love her so much! We had her laughing- and they had her posing w/ her fingers by her head-again- we learned that she was giving the "peace" sign. Now we make her do it all the time and she claps her hands!! We then ventured out to (of all things) a German restaurant. It was such a riot- a beautiful place- with great food! I had spaghetti- and hope ate this pork thing, and just about everything else at the table. Darrin's food was the funniest thing ever- just check out the pics! And look at the size of the Beer he ordered (by mistake-he says!)

We were amused by Hope's eating, at first, and then she almost got compulsive- like everything had to be on her plate- and she was shoveling it in her mouth as if she would never eat again- so our amusement turned to tears. Darrin and I sat at the table and cried, watching our daughter.

Our princess now naps.....tuckered out after a big meal. It is 2:07 pm. We don't know what the evening holds- we're taking our cues from Shi Shi. I forgot to tell you- that is what they called her- so we have been for now too! They also said that she was potty trained- we have had diapers on her- and she doesn't seem potty trained at all!

She is beautiful, perfect in every way imaginable- and we could not be more grateful that somehow, somewhere we were chosen to be her mom and dad. To quote another adoptive mother: "In our lives, we were the one's with the special need, and Hope is the one that filled it."

There are pictures following- I have alot- so I think that there will be a seperate page #2 w/  more pics- be sure to check out both!



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