Day #4 with Hope · April 03, 2008

Amy has asked me to give her a break from the blog duties for today. I am not as good as Amy at blogging but since Hope will only allow Amy to hold her it is the least I can do. Going to the orphanage yesterday was very emotional and heartbreaking for everyone but I think it gave everyone a sense of closure and it made sure that we had a piece of Hope's past that will be with us forever. Today was like the beginning of a new life with Hope. It is the first day since we met her that she did not see one of her caregivers. Her whole demeanor today was like she knows now that we are her forever family. Heck, she even played with me for about 30 minutes without Amy in the room. 

Today we had a tour of Nanjing with some of the other adoptive familes. We went to a silk factory in the morning. The tour ended with a fashion show with chinese women modeling the various silk gowns. Then, the same women, waited on us in the gift shop as we bought presents for Hannah, Caroline and Hope. These Chinese women are jacks of all trades!!!!!

We then toured the City Walls of Nanjing along with a Buddhist temple. Those were very interesting sights to see and it was nice to experience some of the culture of the city. The tour of the buddhist temple ended with a fashion show with buddhist monks modeling the various brown sack-like robes they were wearing (I'm kidding - just making sure your paying attention!!!)

When the touring was over we went out to an early dinner with a very nice couple we met here - Steve and Stacy Roth and their beautfiul new daughter Sabria.   We once again ate at the German restaurant across the street from the hotel (we are now regulars there). We sat and talked about our new daughters and their different stories. 

I know she would never tell you this but all of you have no idea how incredible Amy has been with Hope. This girl has bonded to her just as I expected. When Hope is with Amy she has the exact same expression of pure joy in her eyes that Hannah, Joseph, Caroline and Charlie have. It's as if she has been with her forever.  I just find myself sitting and staring at them together in amazement. And, Hannah - the girl is a lifesaver and trooper. She has played with all of the younger kids that made the trip here and she has been the best big sister to Hope that you can ask for. Plus, she is funny as hell!! She knows exactly what goofy thing to do to get us to laugh when Amy and I find ourselves  getting upset or emotional.

Overall, today was the best day we have had as a family. It truly has been a day of looking and moving forward. I know there will many more ups and downs but it seems like today was the beginning of our life with Hope.

Thanks to all of you for your support . We have the best family and friends anyone can ask for!!!!

Darrin, Amy, Hannah and Shi-Shi (Hope)

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Big sister and Hope