an entry from hannah (Joseph look on here) · April 04, 2008

Today we had breakfast and when we were done with breakfast we went to the park and Hope loved it and so did I. We bought bubbles for Hope to play with. I played with them more.Then Hope did. Hannah like bubbles!!!! yes I do  it is true I admit it. Then we came back to the hotel for Hope to take a nap. Then we went to the mall to get Hope shoes. Right now we are geting ready to go out to dinner with the other HOMELAND families it wll be fun. This is are last night in nanging and tomorrow we leave for the worm wether of Guangzhou.

We went to dinner it was great.I love it the food was so good Joseph tere was a fish on the table with the eyes and more.Tere is a pic of it for you.

Here are some of the pics I wanted to post


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the fish was nasty!!!
we will post more tommorow after our 2 hour plane ride to Guangzhou...we get there later tommorow afternoon! This is the last post from Nanjing!!