Greetings from Guangzhou!! · April 05, 2008

Hello all! Did you miss us?? I couldn't find the time to post yesterday b/c of our travels- but we arrived safely at Guangzhou! Hope was unbelievable on the plane- like she'd done it a million times before! She has adjusted quite nicely to the shopping and traveling that we are doing--she is just the funniest child ever!

Well today is Sunday and Darrin's birthday- what a wonderful way to celebrate at this incredible hotel--you should see this place- the nicest hotel I have ever seen! They have a waterfall in the lobby- fish swimming around- marble floors in our room-it's certainly a nice way to end the trip!! It's about 80 degrees here and we had an incredible breakfast- Darrin is doing some paperwork- then this afternoon we are going to a pearl market-Yay! We are celebrating Darrin's b-day tonight w/ our new favorite couple- the Roth's and their incredible new daughter Sabria!

Hope has been the most lively engaging child- she charms everyone she meets- she is a complete combo of both Charlie and Caroline- w/ a bit of Hannah's silliness and Joseph's sensitivity mixed in!! So in other words- she is a perfect fit and we could not feel more blessed! She is happy all the time- but so strong willed that I cannot help her with one thing- her clothes, food, nothing- she will do it all HERSELF- with no help from anyone- thank you very much!!  She is already speaking some english- she says Hi, bye bye, ball, tree, apple, fish, bird, hot, no , mama, daddy, hannah,jospeh,caroline and charlie. I am not kidding you- she really says all these things- mind you- we have only had her for 6 days!! What a genius!

Here are some pics from the plane ride and our new hotel- we will post again tonight after we've done a little more here. The only thing missing now is Charlie, Caroline and Joseph- we miss them so terribly that it actually hurts! We know they are having so much fun---but we cannot wait to see all five of our children united! I also can't wait to kiss my other babies faces! Oh- less than a week now...hooray!!  This child likes people!! Only thing- don't try and hold her- I am giving you fair warning- she will not be touched unless it is on her terms!! Boy am I going to have my hands full!!! I love it- she has spunk!!

Bye for now- we love you all and check the computer constantly for your e-mails and messages- they help us so much--- we love all of you for supporting us this way- it is just incredible!!!!

Love--the Birthday boy, Amy,Hannah and Shi Shi!!


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