Pool Time in Guangzhou! · April 07, 2008

Well today was a freee day- which we sorely needed after the breakneck schedule that we have been on!! We let Hope play in the Hotel playroom- with a few other babies in the morning- she had a blast!! This whole hotel is filled w/ adoptive families and their new babies- it is surreal! Everywhere you look there are - mostly americans- and kids of all different ages that have just been adopted! So- back to the playroom- it seems that Hope is a bit of a bully! She reminded me so much of Caroline at 2 and a half. She wants what she wants and noone stand in her way!! I have seen two types of kids- out of our group and the others that we have come across here- either they are very timid, and will let you lead in everything, and not put up a fight- which is the majority. Then- there is Hope's type- sassy to the max, ready for action always, and very sociable- but very much a 2 year old!! I guess this is how I would want things- being that she would not survive in our house otherwise- but I had visions today of some serious battles between her and Charlie!! She is just a total survivor, and does not seem one bit- besides the masssive amounts of food that she can put away- like she was institutionalized. She is very much your average- albeit crazy smart- 2 year old!!

We then ventured to the pool! Hope was facinated by her bathing suit- in complete awe that she could be outdoors so scantily dressed! :-) She wanted so much to go in the water- but was a little afraid and settled for splashing her toes in and waving at Dad and Hannah- who swam for 3 hours!

We then shopped for the kids at the cute stores here- and went to dinner. Hannah and Hope had a blast in our room afterwards- modeling the silk robes that they left us. Darrin has also decided that he will try speaking to Hope in his version of the Chinese language. She looks at him like he is crazy!! It is quite possibly the funniest thing ever!!

So here are some pics---tommorow Hope gets her physical and passport pic taken--just one step closer to home. We cannot wait!! And by the way- don't even mention the words Chinese Food to us for a good year after we return!! LOL

Love and hugs.....

Darrin, Amy, Hannah and Shi, Shi XOXOOX


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Playtime in the playroom!