Medical exams and fun with friends! · April 08, 2008

Hi everyone! Well we had a great day today- Hope had her passport pic taken- and then along with the other babies in our group got her medical exam. She gained 2 and a half pounds in the past week- which is awesome! The docs were very quick in their exam- but claimed her to be very healthy. We will also have a comprehensive exam when we get home by our pediatrician. She is 33 1/2 inches and 26.5 pounds- which isn't too shabby! She's short and a little chunky! She did pretty good- until they straightened her out to get her height= then she cried! All the babies have gained- which is awesome! Their coloring and energy seems miles ahead of where they all were a week ago. It's amazing- to see these children- you would know that there was a higher hand in all of this- each child is exactly with who they were meant to be with. The families just match up perfect- there was no randomness about this- these children were meant to be in their adoptive parents arms and hearts- and that is where they will always remain!

We came across a Starbucks after the exam and had coffee w/ some of our new friends. Hope loved the Frappuccino that Darrin was giving her- That's my girl! Later we walked along the river here that is lined with cool trees abd statues- and took some great pics.  We met up with the Roth's and the Porte's for dinner and had some drinks, good food and alot of laughs to end the night. What great people- we are so lucky to have found them on this trip and I imagine that we will remain friends for long after this trip! Hannah and Stacy and Steve Roth's daughter Sabria have become like bookends- just having a blast together- and Hope continues to entertain with her wacky little sense of humor. She also has taken to giving out kisses whenever asked- she is such a doll- so cuddly you could just eat her!!

Well- here's some pics.....we are so excited that we will be home in a couple of days that we cannot stand ourselves!!! Yay---family time is almost here!!!

Love to all..Darrin, Amy, Hannah and Hope XOXOXOXO

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The medical exam office - where you could also get your laundry done and buy a few trinkets to take home