All our bags are packed, we're ready to go... · April 10, 2008

This will be our last entry from China! We are packed and ready to leave very early Friday morning! We will fly to Hong Kong- then connect to Chicago- then finally we will arrive early evening to Harrisburg! Yipee!!

We are so excited to start the next chapter of our story- but at the same time we are sad to leave Hope's birth country, and all the good friends that we have made throughout this journey! We have grown especially close to the Roth's and will treasure the times that we spent together here with their darling daughter Brie. They shared laughter, tears, and everything in between as we went through the bonding process with our daughters. We will never forget them! We are so grateful to have experienced the beauty of all of the families uniting with their children- we will never forget them- or their beautiful new babies.

We had a great last day- we went with several others to the American Consulate- for a very informal swearing in of our children as American citizens- it was really cool- and left me choked up! Hope will officially be an American citizen when we land in Chicago- and go through customs and they break the seal on her paperwork. It is just nothing short of amazing. All of it. The experience, our new daughter, Hannah and Hope bonding as sisters, the country, and sadly, the children that are left behind.

While my instinct is to ask for prayers from all of you for our safe travels, what is nagging in my heart is the faces of the dear little children that are etched into my mind. The children that sleep in their orphanage beds, and cribs. The children who do not have a mom and dad to rock them to sleep, or kiss them when they fall, or feed them when they are hungry...

Tonight- please pray for those that were left behind.


All our love-and extreme thanks for reading our journey, and sharing this life altering experience with us! We will post again- pics of our children united at last..

Amy,Darrin,Hannah & Hope XOXOXO

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sleeping beauty!
See you on the other side of the world!!