Home Sweet Home · April 13, 2008

Hi everyone! We are happy to report that we arrived home safe and sound around 7:15 friday night, after an uneventful 3 flights! Hope did wonderfully on the long (15 hour) flight, which amazed us since she never sits still for long! We were so thrilled to have family and some close friends, and most importantly- our other 3 children- waiting for our us at the airport. It was like out a movie- we were walking through the security-- and Charlie (our 2 year old) came running toward us -smiling and laughing. Caroline and Joseph were just behind him- and we all cried, and laughed. We were at the airport for an hour - just watching all of the kids interact. They played together as if they had known each other forever!! Hope kissed each of her siblings-and all of our family and friends too! Hope ran after Caroline- and Caroline doted on her! Charlie was a bit oblivious- and played mostly with Hannah- the two of them rolled on the floor of the airport! Joseph (typically quite the daddy's boy!) never left my side and told me over and over how much he missed me! He also was quite concerned about getting the luggage- as we had some presents waiting for him in there! LOL!

I think that there was not a dry eye when everyone saw Hope for the first time- she truly is a miracle! All remarked how she fit in so perfectly- and how she seemed like she was made for us- we could not agree more! God placed her in our arms and hearts-- and He certainly knows what he is doing! We were welcomed at home to a big sign and goodies from our good friends the Shields and the Guerrisi's for the next morning's breakfast- Thank you guys!!That night the kids stayed up until 11:30- all of them so excited to play with Hope!  She did great- and was so excited to see the house and the toys and was buzzing around going from one thing to the next! The three girls slept in our bed- and Hope made it until 3:30 am- then got in bed with me! She did great Satuday morning- and played until her nap. I had to wake her up at about 5:30 pm- and that's when she crashed! She was miserable- crying, fussing- not letting me put her down for a moment. At this point- I had not slept since about Thursday- so I wasn't in the best frame of mind- and the other kids really wanted and needed my attention- so it wasn't pretty!! I can only liken it to that first day home from the hospital after having a baby- you are exhausted, overwhelmed, anxious, and wondering how you were going to handle it all??

That was me- in a nutshell!! Thankfully- today is much better- after a good nights sleep had by all- Hope and Mommy woke up happy!!  She played great with the kids- although- she and Charlie have had a lot of back and forth 2 year old behavior! She is very quick to react with a shove or a smack- I think this is how she survived with all of the other 2 year olds she lived with! Charlie, I think is also a little miffed that she is on his turf! Mostly- though- they have been a blast to watch!! As if they have always been together!

I will be adding pics- it might take me a bit- check back if they are not loaded right away!

As always- your support and kind words have meant so much- and have carried us throughout this trip! We hope everyone had as much fun following along during our experience as we had living it!! And to the friends and family that made meals- watched our kids- and gave us hugs through e-mails- your support will never be forgotten!!

All our love-- Darrin, Amy, Hannah, Joseph, Caroline, Charlie and Hope

(Boy- that's alot of names!!) LOL



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coming down the stretch-seeing Charlie!
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