Hope's 1st Photo shoot!! · April 27, 2008

Hi all! We are having a great week 2 at home with little Hope! She seems to be more and more comfortable all the time- and is sleeping, napping, and on the "dinello" schedule!! Yay for us! She had a blast going to the park this week, going to ballet with Caroline, and attending Joseph' t-ball game! She also saw her 1st movie- Alvin and the Chipmunks. She and Charlie sat in the same theatre seat together munching on popcorn and M&M's. She loved it- but at first was more concerned about the food than the movie! LOL- Then she really watched- and got up and danced with Charlie- it was so cute! She and Charlie have been really playing- and having so much fun. They played peekeaboo with the curtains for about an hour the other day w/ Charlie hiding and popping out at Hope- they were both laughing so hard no sound was coming out--it just does my heart good to see that!

Big thing this week was her 1st photo shoot- our great friend and ridiculously talented photographer, Amy, took awesome pics of Hope- of which I have some following...

Our only glitch this wek has been monitoring some attatchment issues that we hope are just a passing thing! Hope seems incredibly friendly (and she is!) but some experts have told us that her ease in putting out her arms to people to be held right after she has met them means that she has not fully attatched to us yet. This makes me sad- but does make sense! We were told to let whomever she puts her arms out to pat her back, head, or whatever- but make sure she stays put. This is just for now- not forever- until she fully adjusts! She has stopped some of this in the past few days- but earlier in the week I thought she might take off with the mailman if he made the offer! LOL

Sooo- it's just a little blip- and we will do everything we can to keep her on track! Also Hope had some Dr.'s appointments- lots of blood work and poop samples Yuk! Still waiting for the results! We are going to Philly for her "big" orthopaedic appointments on May 14th- this is where we will learn what is really going on and what can be done for her hands and feet. So far, my pediatrician thinks that her hands are just fine- and only her left foot looks like it will need some surgery--let's just hope that it is nothing too extensive!(I kind of fear it might be!)

So all in all- a great week- Hope is doing better than we ever imagined- and I can hardly remember a day that her beautiful dark eyes weren't peering over the crib calling "mama!". She is a miracle- and proudly- our miracle!!


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