End of Summer--Good Times!! · August 26, 2008

Well- I bet you have all been wondering where we all went!! It has been a busy, busy summer to say the least- and a very fun one to boot!

First and foremost- Hope continues to do well- and amaze us at every turn. Some things that have happened with our little Hope this summer:

1) She speaks NO chinese anymore--yes, it's sad but true. Her English is just a tiny bit shy of where she should be- but soon- she will be all caught up!

2) She becomes stonger and chubbier every day! She has gained alot of weight, and no longer falls easily, her balance has improved greatly- at this point she can out run every one of us!!

3) She LOVES music and swimming equally!!  The girl can dance like nobody's business- and will stop in her tracks everytime she hears a beat to bust a move!!  She also loves the pool- no fear at all she just dives right in! A true Dinello baby!!

4) She and Charlie are best buddies- and double trouble--equally!! They have used an entire bottle of baby powder to decorate themselves and Charlie's room. They have flushed matchbox cars, pennies, and mounds of toilet paper in our toilet. They have locked themselves in our room and taken all of the clothes out of my closet and played dress-up! They have chased the poor dog all over God's creation- just while trying to get her to get a bath in the toilet! One has stood on a chair emptying ice out of our fridge door while the other was "catching" it with a dixie cup .....

Well- you get the idea--they have been super busy.

5) Hope has bonded with ALL of her siblings so tightly that you would not even BELIEVE that they all met just 4 1/2 months ago.

6) Hope is our child- as sure as we  were when we glimsed her first picture--she has woven her tiny self into our hearts and family seamlessly. She is not only our child---she is one of us---no blood relation could create a stonger bond than we have formed.

We are so truly blessed.......

So we have had a great summer with Hope- had a trip tp the beach, Hersheypark, visits from friends and family AND moved into a new house! She just loves her big girl bed and sharing a room with her sissy Caroline- I hear them giggling into the night!!

The next big events will be she and Charlie starting pre-school in a couple weeks--and Hope's surgery is now scheduled for October 20th---we will be sure to keep you all updated.

Thank you all again for following our story and for being a part of it---it has been nothing short of amazing!!

Check out the tons of pics that follow- there may be two pages!! :-)

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1st family portrait!! Aren't they cute???
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