Time goes by....... · October 17, 2008

It is truly amazing that it has been 6 months already since we have returned from China with our dear Hope!  In other ways, though, it seems as she has always been a part of our family! 

I have to admit--before we adopted Hope, I was feeling sad that we would miss so many firsts with her---and that she would have so many blanks in her baby book, and holes in her start to life. I guess, I was forgetting that life in an orphanage is pretty sheltered-- and there are very few "firsts" to celebrate. Although that is sad--and reflective of her life before us,,, it also enables us to see so many things through her eyes for the first time. She delights in the little things...that most of our children take for granted, although, she is quickly becoming an all-American girl--as I see the newness wearing off, and her settling into this new "normal" for her!

I thought that I would share some of our little Hope's "firsts"....

car rides, plane rides, car seats, ice cream, restaurants, dogs,parks, slides, swings, amusement parks, the beach, sand, swimming, bathing suits, baths (yes-she was only "hosed down" before), fireworks, ballet, pre-school, manicures, bows, big wheels, doll houses, pizza, play dough, sprinklers, birthday parties, presents, dress-up, make-up, movie theatres, popcorn, zoos, presents, big comfy beds, soft blankets, haircuts ( at a salon!), her "own" clothes/toys/shoes/food,pumpkins,halloween,falling leaves, brothers, sisters, mom &dad, kisses every night and cuddles every morning, unconditional love, family, a home.

I know most that are not in the adoption community would look at the above and claim that Hope is so very lucky to have been adopted. I guess, before adopting her--I might have thought that too. But the thing is....WE are the lucky ones. We are the ones that have had our lives changed for the better because of this little 28 pound dynamo from China. She has changed our other children as well---she is the living example of determination against all odds. Hope has taught us compassion, and has completely changed our perspective on the world--and all that it encompasses. This little girl has helped us to "see"---and she will make sure  that we never forget.

We are so, incredibly "lucky" to be her family----but who am I kidding?? I thin that we all know that luck does not have much to do with it!

Well--I will get to the best part now--the pics!! But I wanted to let you all know that Hope will be having surgery on Monday Oct. 20th, to correct her left foot (basically stretching her tendons so that her foot can be flat to the ground) and seperating webbing on one of her fingers. She will be at Shriners in Philly--so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers on Monday--and for the 6 weeks after that she will have a cast on her leg!! Actually--say a prayer for ALL of us--because, like the old saying goes---"if Hope ain't happy, nobody's happy!" LOL

 I am so happy to continue to share our journey to Hope---as it still is a journey as she weaves her way into our family and mostly into our hearts...

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Our 1st glimpse of Hope..6 months ago..
You know that I cannot stop at one page of pics...so there will be another--check back again!!!!!!!!