on the mend! · October 23, 2008

Hi everyone! I just wanted to update everyone about Hope's surgery on Monday.  Everything went very well--but  we have one unhappy girl on our hands!!

Coming out of surgery she was mad/confused and obviously in pain. It was really hard to see!  By evening she konked out--and then woke up in a fairly good mood the next AM.  Looking back- I think that she still had her fair share of morphine in her system at that time. By the time we were discharged she was uncomfortable despite the pain meds that were given to her. She cried on and off the whole ride home.

She perked up at home and does fairly well during the day while distracted w/ presents and her brothers and sisters--but nighttime is not fun.  Nothing to distract her--and it hurts! She also is having a hard time getting comfy. I feel really bad for her---and I can't lie--I feel just a tiny bit bad for us too- since this will be night #4 w/ no sleep!!! Everything is much harder when you are tired!!!

On a very positive side--her surgery was a complete success and the Dr. is confident that she will walk perfectly normal when all is said and done!  Yay Hope! Her hand surgery went well too--and she has not complained one bit about that cast--just her poor little foot really hurts!! She is getting around wonderfully though- by crawling and by the cute little walker they provided us with! She calls it her car- and all my kids have been fighting over it like crazy! You would think she brought home a Ferrari!!

She gets her arm cast off in about 2 1/2weeks and her leg cast comes off in about 5 1/2 weeks.

So here are some pics of our trip to the Pumpkin farm 2 days before the surgery and of our little recovering angel!

Please keep her in your thoughts and  prayers!!!


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