Halloween, casts, and other mischief!! · December 10, 2008

Hi all! It's been awhile since I updated-but boy do these monkeys keep me busy!!! Hope is doing great--her arm cast came off a few weeks ago- and her fingers look awesome!!! Thanks to Dr. Kozin--at Shriners in Philly!! And we were so excited to get her leg cast off a couple of weeks ago--only after they got it off- they told us they she would have to re-cast her w/ a small walking cast while her leg brace is being made.....BUMMER!!! Although she took it very well-and is very happy that she can RUN in this new smaller cast. So- we get off for good on Dec. 23rd--Just in time for Christmas--Yay!

Hope had alot of fun on Halloween, and Thanksgiving--and is very excited about Santa-but I do not think that she gets whats coming! She is a little petrified of Santa though--I think that is because I am constantly threatening "Santa's watching you!!" "No presents if Santa sees you!!" I think that Hope thinks that Santa is a stalker that is just waiting to come and take her toys!!! I think that she will be happily surprised on Christmas morning!!!

Other than that- all is well- these kids are funny, busy, loving, and maddening all in one day--but I wouldn't trade them for anything!!!!

Happy Holidays to all of you--I will post again after Christmas! And please keep in your prayers/thoughts all of the children in this world that are suffering without a home and a family to love them. I will be posting after the New Year different organizations that are wonderful in aiding children in need. You can sponsor children for as little as $28 / month--and you get updates and pictures of your sponsored child.  We have sponsored a little boy for a year and my children are so excited to read about him, and see the progress that he has made.

This might be a good New Year's resolution-----and quite an amazing lesson if you have children!!!!

Love to you all.....and enjoy all of your blessings this holiday season!!


Darrin, Amy, Hannah, Joseph, Caroline, Hope & Charlie



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