Sunday, May 25th. Roaming around the Confucius Temple market
May 25, 2008

 Sunday, May 25, 2008.  Roaming around The Confucius Temple Market.  Also, continuing on to Monday, the 26th.  Just hours away to our sweet baby girl!!!

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         After breakfast, we roamed around the Confucius Temple Market.  We found it quite amusing to travel all the way to China, and have Burger King for lunch, as well,  a Japanese dinner!!

         So far we are happy to report that we've not had any digestive issues, and have so far escaped the dreaded Squatty Potty!!

     If you think your average busy city traffic is on the wild side, it's generally a free for all here.  Regardless of the condition, be it a pedestrian, a car, a taxi , a bus, on a motorbike, on a motorcycle, a bicycle, or any othe type of transportation, each and every one has their very own agenda!!  Amazingly enough, there are very few incidents of collision.   Oooopppps, spoke just a little to soon,  a motorbike just collided with a taxi!!  Happy to say that there were no injuries to be reported.

     Keeping it a short post tonight as tomorrow is the big day!!

      Monday, May 26, 2008.  Just received word of another tragic aftershock in Chendu, China.  Our hearts go out to all affected.  We want all our family and friends to know that we are doing well, and we are very fortunate to be unaffected by this.  

     On a happy note, the countdown is on.  In five more hours our lives will change forever, and, hugs and kisses are gauranteed!!!

     Still looking at the clock, time is moving in slow motion!  Only an hour has slow dragged by.  Four more hours!  Pacing anxiously in the room, is case we are contacted for an earlier meeting. 

     Side note to Megan McQuade, all is well with the world!!