She's Here!!! · May 13, 2007
What an emotional day, wow!!  Gracie is everything that I thought she would be and more.  My heart is running over with joy.  She has the kindest little heart, she's sweet and can be outgoing.  Did I mention she will only go to daddy right now.  She wouldn't even look at me at first, she will now allow me to touch her.  The auntie that took care of her since she was a baby cried and cried and I sobbed right along with her.  She said that Gracie was a ray of sunshine at the orphanage and even though she wanted her to have a good life it's so hard to let go. Sounded very familar to me due to the situation that we just went through.  Anyway as I sobbed away they thought I was sad that Gracie wouldn't come to me, I had to explain that my heart was going out to the only woman that Gracie knew as a mother figure, it killed me.  But this had to happen for Graice to have a better life.  I promised to keep in touch with the orphange and send them pictures of her.  I don't know how Gracie will handle the visit on Thurs.we'll see.  The orphanage director is wonderful and has a heart for the children, she cried as well, I know Gracie was very loved it is so evident.  Praise God!!!  It will make it much easier on her during the bonding.  Here's the only photos I have right now, the rest is video!!
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Daddy and Gracie shopping!
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Hope to get some Mommy and Gracie pictures soon, I know it will come in time.  She's went through so much and I don't want to rush her.  God has been so good to our family!!  Keep praying for us!!!