Biopsy pictures and more! · July 18, 2007
Here are a few photos from Brea's day at the hospital last week and a few from the weekend.  Hope you enjoy! 
Brooke and Brea watching TV just after the nurse put the numbing cream on Brea's hand for her IV
Brea just after getting her IV...yes, the numbing cream works!
Brooke and Brea just after checking into the hospital for the biopsy
Brea coming back from the cath lab
Brea sleeping after her biopsy
Brea giving her new Beanie Baby some "oxygen"
Brea sleeping off the meds on the trip home
Daddy and Brea refurbishing an old Radio Flyer tricycle.
"Look mom, I made a happy plate!" I'm still not convinced that Brooke and Baker didn't encourage the plate on top of the head incident!
Is that a new hat or a Tupperware bowl?
Brea pushing her toy through the house for the first time!
She is so proud of herself!