What a Blessing!! A visit to LuoHe!! More Pictures!!! · February 12, 2007

Today a wonderful American woman named Pam Williams who lives in Henan took a bus trip to the LuoHe City SWI and saw Gracie.  What a wonderufl blessing for our family!!  Gracie is doing well and she has two nannies that mainly take care of her.  She said the director of the SWI was young, beautiful and very nice.  Gracie's hair is not black it's dark brown and light on the ends.  The director of the SWI called her the one with yellow hair!!   When Pam got there Gracie had the album that we sent her so she know's what we looks like.  She wouldn't go to Pam but did wave and say bye,bye in English!!  How smart is that!! LOL!!  From the sound of it the SWI is not in a very nice location, lots of things around it falling down!!  But they are taking very good care of her.  There are about 80 children at the SWI and lots of babies, she said the babies were 3 to a crib.  That makes me want to cry!!  God is taking care of little Gracie until we get there!! 


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Please keep our family in your prayers as we want to get our baby as soon as we can. 


Tim and Patty