We got our LOA · March 12, 2007

On Monday, March 05 we received the call from Vivian at Heritage saying that our LOA was there.  This means that China has offical assigned Gracie to us and we had to say we wanted her.  The funny part of this is that we had to get the letter back very quickly to our adoption agency and send it back Fed Ex, well I took the letter to Tim at work we both signed and dated it and sent it back.  You guessed it we forgot to check yes we wanted her!!  I called the agency and they did it for us!!  So now it looks as if we will be traveling the middle of April or the first of May, this is it.  Gracie your coming home!!  Were doing things around the house to get ready for you!!  Here's some new pictures of the nursery.  God is answering our prayers!!!


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Gracie's Crib
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Keep us in your prayers that we have a safe trip, good health and for Gracie's adjustment!!