May 16th An Easy Day · May 15, 2007
Tim's doing much better, still tired but better.  Gracie is having a little bit of a better day with me.  I've been allowed to give several kisses and tickle her.  She ate the most noodles at lunch that I've ever seen anyone eat!! Tim had noodles on him from head to toe.  We've got one more paper we have to get today.  Tim and Gracie will stay here and I'll go with my guide and get it.  I also wanted to see Pam that lives here in ZZ to bring her some goodies, since she went to visit Gracie for me in Feb.  Tomorrow is our trip to the SWI so Gracie can say good-bye.  Honestly I think she'll do fine she is in such deep love with Tim I don't think she'd want to stay there!!
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In front of our hotel
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We miss everyone!!!