May 19th, We Love Guangzhou!!! · May 19, 2007
We love Guangzhou!!  It's so nice here and we have ran into several families from home, the Moore's, the McClures, the Robinsons's and tomorrow we'll have a tour with Betsy and Charlie from Heritage.  We did lots of shopping today and ate some very good food.  Gracie is the funniest child, she's got the best personality.  She's still daddy's girl but I think she does like me!! :)  She had her medical exam for her VISA today, I think it took 5 minutes all very smooth.  Bob our guide is super, he's funny too!!  We have been so blessed by God to get this wonderful child!!!  I just can't wait for everyone to meet her.  Broc we miss you sooo much, can't wait to be home!!!
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